Why: A Hand-Woven Leather Handbag Is So Expensive, How Is It Made

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Why: A Hand-Woven Leather Handbag Is So Expensive, How Is It Made

/ Post by Weiwei Zhuang

If you’ve ever come across a beautiful woven leather bag, you’ve likely admired its form and craftsmanship

But have you ever stopped to wonder what goes into making such a bag?

How are the materials made?

How long does it take?

What is the production process like?


Provided with insights by OBangbag, interviewed JXJD Studio, how to hand-weave unique leather handbags, stand the test of time, and develop their own special look, telling the story of their journey...

 The designer of JXJD Studio told us,Each piece of woven hand-made leather goods is very unique.

Only those masters with years of expertise can inject new life into a piece of leather and turn it into a bag and a life companion. Those precious leather goods accompany me every day, the leather touches my body and shares every movement of me; my hands touch the surface of it, and over time, their warmth will give the bag a special luster - it Will become unique mine.


Before the actual hand weaving begins, we will do the design first, after confirming the design. Conduct a preliminary pattern opening.If there is a flaw in the process, we will make improvements and make the plan work best.


Then we will pick out the right leather, which is tanned with complex and rigorous organic procedures, using bark extract to ensure the superior quality and lifetime of the leather.


 Nowadays, this bag is woven from a hand-made shuttle string. It seems to be simple. In fact, it requires not only high-quality leather, but also an experienced master craftsman. If you DIY edited the basket, you know that you want to weave a uniform and close effect. It’s really anxious. It’s like a simple basket bag, it’s going to be worked by two very experienced craftsmen. Only one day can weave one. Anyway, you remember, from the initial selection of leather raw materials, to the final assembly of hardware accessories, every step has a university question, almost the ingenuity of understanding and patience will not work.

1) One handbag requires up to 160 metres of leather strings. Every string is cut by hand and of all the ready-cut ribbons, only the uniformly thick ones are chosen for the manufacture. The aim is to guarantee perfect grain and consistency in the pattern of the handbag.


2) Every string is measured in its length and width, which is adapted to the desired size of the bag. The coloration is also controlled following the initial tanning step. However, no two bags have exactly the same colour and even slight differences in sizes might occur – every single bag is truly one-of-a-kind.Some leathers need to add a layer of fabric before cutting to enhance the toughness of the leather; others need to be folded and trimmed after cutting to make the seemingly slim leather rope strong and strong.

3) The hand-weaving is done from top to bottom, starting with the upper border. We start with two strings crossed over each other. A third one is added, creating a grid pattern.

4) The long upper ends are then crossed down, one by one, where each long leather string incorporated in the upper border will ultimately create a 90-degree angle. One additional string is added for each string that is crossed down. The lose ends will be used in the next step of weaving the body of the bag. 


5) We always use the trestle that has the size and shape of the desired bag. The shape of the trestle helps to give an initial form to the bag. Starting from the upper border, the weaving begins in a circular motion. Take the second and adjacent third string and cross one over the other. Repeat the same step with the fourth and fifth and continue so. 
    This results in the tremendous expenditure of time that is necessary to achieve our intricate patterns. These steps continue round for round, crossover for crossover until the desired height of the bag is achieved. Throughout this step, close attention has to be paid as this is the only time during which mistakes could be corrected.A strip of leather is crossed and woven into pieces, which is the traditional way of weaving. As a purely manual work, weaving pays attention to "strength, toughness, flatness, and uniform speed." If you are on the scene, you can fully feel the unique gas field and rhythm of the weaving process. It is a craftsman spirit that flows in the horizontal and vertical.

6) The process of weaving the body of the bag can take up to 35 hours (for our largest hand-woven bag where even the handle is woven by hand). Patience is thus just as important as accuracy in order to not make mistakes, as there is no easy fix to an error once woven into the leather. The perfect structure can only be achieved when constant but balanced tension is executed.

7) Once the body of the bag which is woven in its entirety is finished, the open ends at the bottom have to be sewn together which creates the final shape of the bag. 

8) The interior of the bag is finished in soft canvas in order to maintain the lightness that is one of the key features of our bags. 

9) Hand-weaving a bag creates a unique and precious product which will carry the stories of all those hands that have shaped and woven it. It represents the opposite of products created under conditions of mass production and you will shape something that will express your very own identity.

 At the roots of my passion for creating such extraordinary objects is the cooperation with the artisans who make it. Masters of their craft with endless patience, skills and a unique sense for the right material and its manufacture, they pursue ancient techniques that in times of hyperconsumption create an entirely different kind of fashion. Our hand-woven bags are the core product of our brand, destined for strong, beautiful and unique women who appreciate the origin and values of a product and who make it part of their own identity.

Because of the material consumption, the basic production time, we can't produce too many woven handbags, which leads to higher cost than the factory-produced products, but you can get a combination of art and practicality. If you are interested, you can click Buy Now. After the order is completed, we will contact customer service staff.

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