Vintage Tassel TOTE bag Mother's Day best gift (OBANGBAG Promotions)

May's upcoming Mother's Day,OBANGBAG has prepared a gift for the majority of mothers.If you need a TOTE package, you can get a large-capacity liner package for free. Will you be very interested ?


Usually as a mother's lady, in the holiday city,you must bring your present and meet with many friends and family,including a variety of party picnics, but spring changes and hot,your family travels. Need more load to deal with this situation,then you need a large and practical package to meet your holiday needs.

Vintage Tassel TOTE bag

The classic TOTE style is simple and generous. The material is the most durable vintage material, waterproof and dirt resistant. Suitable for all occasions, but at a low price.

Usually there are fewer classifications in the TOTE package. In order to solve this problem, 


OBANGBAG has added a separate classification liner package. This bag can be folded easily, with enough classification space and grid layer to classify you, separate mobile phones, cosmetics, glasses, mirrors, skin care products, lipsticks, wallets, mobile phones, scarves, and bills. Separate and become a crossbody bag. This design makes your bag more regular. When you don't find an object, you can find a lot of personal items to find your mobile phone or other objects.

Large Capacity Multi Function Wild Storage Bag

The same liner bag, in the OBANGBAG station and Flaxon need to buy a certain price, and this as long as the purchase of this TOTE bag, the liner bag is free configuration, you buy a package to get two package discount. And this event, we will be canceled after Mother's Day in May, if it is suitable for your TOTE package, quickly click on the link below.

You will care, what is the price?

No more than $30

More offers, GOOGLE and OBANGBAG.COM



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