The Cool, the Fashion & the Cheap | 02nd Edition OBangBag

The Cool, the Fashion & the Cheap | 02nd Edition

May 24, 2019, OBangbag






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Leather Shoulder Sling Bags Handmade Genuine Ladies Handbags Woven Handbags

If you’ve ever come across a beautiful woven leather bag, you’ve likely admired its form and craftsmanship
But have you ever stopped to wonder what goes into making such a bag?
How are the materials made?
How long does it take?
What is the production process like?
Nowadays, this bag is woven from a hand-made shuttle string. It seems to be simple. In fact, it requires not only high-quality leather, but also an experienced master craftsman. If you DIY edited the basket, you know that you want to weave a uniform and close effect. It’s really anxious. It’s like a simple basket bag, it’s going to be worked by two very experienced craftsmen. Only one day can weave one. Anyway, you remember, from the initial selection of leather raw materials, to the final assembly of hardware accessories, every step has a university question, almost the ingenuity of understanding and patience will not work.

OBANGBAG combines a stylish weave design with leather to create two simple and practical leather bags.







Large Capacity Waterproof Beach

Outdoor Travel Magic Stool TOTE



Fashion Straw Large Capacity

Beach Bag Shoulder Bag



A cotton-padded material
shirt with multiple colors
for simplicity and comfort.

The crazy idea handbag can not only
hold objects but also sit as stools,
suitable for summer outdoor, fishing,
picnic, travel, shopping.

Simple grass woven bag, has
been a popular search for
lot of different grass woven
bags, this is our latest
favorite style this week.






Waterproof And Shockproof Wearable Laptop Bag/Notebook Liner Shoulder Strap Bag


Summer Women Big Brim Do not Diaturb Sunhat Embroidery Straw Cap Floppy Foldable Roll up Cap Beach Sun Hat

(Buy 1 Get 2nd 20% OFF)Multifunction Flexible Magical Stockings

With this laptop case, you don't have toworry about your computer, threatened bywater and shock. What's special is thatthe handles are also collectable and fit into a briefcase.

A beautiful straw hat thatcan block the sun in the summer and give you morephotos in the INS.

This kind of preferential price, so that you can buy more socks,the most important thing is thatshe also has strong stretching



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