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Women’s Professional Backpack

/ Post by Carolina Aranda

Have you ever tried to guess the job of a woman in the subway only by looking at her dressing and bag? It is hard to tell the right answer, but there is always a clue from the outside. 

1) Is a backpack appropriate for work? Can I bring a backpack to work?

 From my everyday observation, women often carry three types of bags: crossbody bag, shoulder bag, and backpack. For women who don’t need to carry a laptop, files or lunch to the workplace, crossbody bag is a good choice to free your hands and it is big enough to carry small daily necessities. Some women keen on carry a large tote bag on their shoulder when travel to work, even though they have to carry their computer and paperwork every day. They carry a shoulder bag as heavy as bricks on their shoulders, rather than just take a backpack with comfortable straps. Some may think that backpack is childish, as we have finished studying in school and need to change our bag style. However there is no need to suffer from this pain, you can also look professional with a backpack. 

 work leather backpack

 Women Tassel Double Layer Pockets Fashion Leather Work Backpack

Here is a backpack recommended for work. This is a good choice for a work backpack with its perfect stitching, smooth zipper, removable straps and modest design, and the design of pockets improves its functionality. It can be switched between a shoulder bag and a backpack. Looks professional when you need it as a backpack, and casual as well after work. The size is H 35*L 30* W13 cm, which is large enough to carry all everyday necessities, such as a notebook, iPad, sunglasses, etc.   

$42.99 | Buy it now


2) What should I keep in my work backpack?

 There are many essentials that you should keep in a women's work bag. 

  1. Pack tissues and spare tampons. My mother always thinks that a girl must have a pack of tissue in her bag so that you can keep clean all the time. Sometimes we are so busy to remember the date of the period. Spare tampons or pads ready in your bag can help solve this sudden problem when you are outside. 
  2. A small umbrella, especially in London.
  3. A wallet. If you are not going to bring your lunch to work, you may have to buy lunch at noon. No one will carry a large tote bag or backpack at this moment I guess. It is better to take a wallet which can represent your sense of fashion while going out with your colleagues. Moreover, business cards and some cash can be put in the wallet. Although most of us are paying with paywave or paypass nowadays, there are still stores in food court which only accept cash.
  4. Laptops, notebook and pens. Many of us will leave our laptops and notebooks in our office as they are relatively heavy to be carried everywhere. However, we should carry them sometimes when we have to work from home. 
  5. Snacks and earphones. Snacks can help maintain your energy. You will feel good to have a short break and enjoy your snack when you are tired at work. And sometimes we will need music on our way to work and during work. If these little things can make you happier on weekdays, don’t forget to put them in your bag. 
  6. You are welcome to comment and tell us what you like to keep in your work bag.

 computer work backpack

Multi Computer Pockets Designer Women Travel Work Backpack

With the simple and stylish design, you will look professional and capable on this women's backpack. This bag can also be switched between a shoulder bag and a backpack, which makes it suitable for any occasion. The inner structure of this bag help organize all your working materials. The size is a good fit for A4 papers and a computer, however, it will not look that large on your back because of its clear design.
$33.99 | Buy it now


3) What is the best backpack for laptops?

A laptop is thin and fragile, so we need to save it in a fit inner bag pocket. It will be more satisfied if the pocket is thick enough to protect it from slightly bump. What’s more, the backpack is better if it is made of waterproof material, since almost no electronic products like water. 

 USB charging backpack

Multifunction Pockets Computer Backpack With Adjustable Strap USB Charging

This multifunction backpack is made of light and waterproof material. The weight of the backpack itself will add an extra burden on your shoulder. There are two inner large pockets inside the main compartment that are convenient for us to settle our computer, pad and papers. The computer can be protected well in the back inner pocket. No matter you are running or laying down your backpack, the computer will still be safe. There are three ways to carry this backpack, you won’t regret buying it.
$29.99 | Buy it now


 4) What is the best women’s backpack for work?

Wearing a backpack to work is comfortable however it is hard to choose a proper one, as you should look smart and professional on it, especially if you are working in a top-grade office building. We want a backpack that is useful for work and meanwhile stylish for the time we leave the office. 

Work Backpack

Women Designer Travel Work Large Capacity Solid Work Backpack

Not like a traditional backpack, this backpack is designed more like a handbag. It looks girly when you carry it as a shoulder bag, suitable for a date or a drink after work. There are multi pockets in the main compartment for organizing notebook, iPad and daily necessities. A safe secret pocket at the back which is convenient for saving your phone and wallet. 

$39.99 | Buy it now


5) Is it appropriate to wear a backpack to an interview?

It is better not to carry a backpack to an interview unless you need your computer or lots of files to present your excellent previous experience to your employer. The first reason is, your suits will be wrinkled by two wide straps. We got only one chance to leave a professional first impression. We can show our personality and sense of fashion after we get the offer and during work, so it is suggested to make a safe choice at the beginning. The second reason is for most of the interview, we just need to provide our resume and certificates. Carrying a big backpack and lots of unrelated stuff will make you look less professional. However, a small leather backpack is fine and acceptable. 

interview work backpack 

Women Casual Solid Work Backpack With Big Compartment Pockets

Clean and Elegant design for intellectual women. The V shape hardware at the middle adds vitality to the dark color leather. The height of this bag allows you to put in your resume and your laptop, and with its slim body, you won’t look bulky. The wipe opening of the main compartment is easy to pack and take, and the distribution of pockets is nice for separating files, your phone, pens, umbrella and other items.
$36.99 | Buy it now  


6) Which is better, backpack or shoulder bag?

It depends on how many things you have to carry and your travel distance to work as well. If you drive a car to work and no need to carry your heavy bag for a long time, a shoulder bag is recommended. However, if you have to travel to work, a backpack will be a better and healthier choice. As a backpack can better divide the weight on your shoulders. Carrying a heavy shoulder bag on one shoulder for a long time can cause uneven shoulders. 

cute backpack 

Multifunction Cute Vintage Women Work Backpack Small Shoulder Bag

A cute vintage backpack recommended for women who no need to carry a lot from home to work. The front pocket with magnetic closing and strap design is convenient for packing and taking frequently used stuff, like phone, tissue, transport card and keys. Not only can be used as a work backpack but also a good looking bag for daily and travel. 
$37.99 | Buy it now


For more choices, have a look at our Women’s Professional Backpack collection !


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