What's in my travel purse?

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What's in my travel purse?

/ Post by Carolina Aranda

Travel is a form of therapy. We need time to travel for healing the boring life and awful things happened. A nice travel bag will add extra happiness to a travel, decrease your anxiety of packing and help develop your unforgettable memory. Read more and share your experience with us!

1.What's in my travel purse? What to pack in a travel purse?

What is your packing style? Do you prefer your travel bag to be neatly packed or enjoy just a freestyle? A girl may include makeup bag, pack tissue, snacks, portable power bank, wallet clutch purse or mini crossbody bag, earphones, sunglasses, passport holder, a pen, a cap, iPad, camera, etc. One of the most important things for ladies and women in traveling is taking beautiful pictures. It is also helpful to bring a foldable shopping bag with you. Not every supermarket will provide bags for customers, the folded volume of a reusable shopping bag is small but it is useful for carrying worn clothes or extra things that we buy. 

To have Lipsticks, makeup remover pads, eyeliner, eyeshadow and pressed power ready in your travel purse ensure that you will never miss your favorite scene during the trip. They are all better to be packed in a makeup bag so that they won’t spread over in your travel bag. A travel wallet or mini crossbody bag is recommended as they are handy and functional to collect your money, passport and phone, which are essential things that we should always carry with us even just for a short walk in a new place. You will never want to carry a large bag to a bar, a small crossbody bag is needed and loved in your journey.  

travel wallet

Multifunctional Leather Phone Bag Roomy Card Wallet Fashion Shoulder Bag

This travel purse is composed of a phone bag and a wallet. It is slim to be put into your travel bag. There are 12 card positions, one money position and a coin purse behind the wallet. Travel friendly and excellently convenient for a short walk outside at any time. Five colors are available, which give you different feelings: mature, cute, enthusiastic, natural and quiet.
Sale price $26.99 | Buy it now   


expandable shopping bag

Travel Vacation Shell Shape Foldable Storage Waterproof Casual Handbag Backpack Series

This shell shape expandable shopping bag not only cute in its folded status but also sporty and with good looking when it is expanded. The shell will convert into a side pocket with a zipper when the bag is expanded. It looks casual and young, not like normal shopping bags that used to carry groceries in a market. There is another type that can be converted into a backpack. 
$19.99 | Buy it now


2.What is a travel purse?

A travel purse can be any type of bag but have to be functional, stylish, hands-free and secure, which can carry all essential things that you need in your trip. It can be a travel crossbody bag, a backpack, a tote bag or a stylish luggage. A travel purse is a bag that you are likely to carry in your whole trip, probably on a bus, a ferry, a beach, or a plane. If you care more about the convenience function, a backpack or luggage will be good for you. A crossbody bag and tote bag are also perfect if you want to look prettier in your pictures. 

travel backpack 

Women Retro Multifunctional Large Capacity Leather Backpack Shoulder Bag

This bag can be easily converted into a backpack or a shoulder bag. The design of pockets is human friendly, you can always take out frequently used items from this bag as there are front pocket, side pocket and back pocket. You can carry it as a shoulder bag while taking a photo, then convert it into a backpack when you need to free your hands or the bag is too heavy to be carried on a single shoulder.
Sale price$32.99 | Buy it now


3.What is a good travel purse?

Whether a travel purse good or not depends on the one who uses the bag. No matter how it is designed, a good travel purse can satisfy a user’s need. It will be better for sure if the travel bag is lightweight, well designed, durable, functional and anti-theft. The importance of anti-theft is worth mentioning. You will never want to be panic finding your passport, your wallet or anything important in your travel. Traveling time is precious and beautiful, there is no reason that we should spend time in the police office or embassy. 

travel tote bag 

Women Large Capacity Waterproof Beach Travel School Nylon Tote Bag

This shoulder tore bag is made of lightweight waterproof material, available in 7 colors. The main compartment is large enough to pack your makeup bag, wallet, iPad, umbrella and all daily necessities. 3 zipped front pockets and 2 unzipped front pockets are convenient for packing frequently used items like tickets, your transport card, lip balm, etc. A pocket at the back is anti-theft for storing your phone, wallet and passport. Sides pockets are designed for settling tissue and water bottle. Practical for any trip with dear friends.
$39.99 | Buy it now     


travel backpack

Canvas Stitching Multi Pocket Unisex Work Backpack

Fashion and functional. This unisex backpack is good to be chosen as a couple bag, available in six colors. It is eye-catching to wear couple backpack when walking on the street and taking pictures. Four side pockets for collecting small items, and great capacity of the main compartment. Save money on baggage fee for your 3-4 days trip.
$32.99| Buy it now    


4.What makes a good travel purse?

Does the destination determine your choice on travel purse? Perhaps a beach bag will be most people’s choice when you are heading to a country with lots of beautiful beaches. If your journey includes water activities like Snorkeling or taking a speedboat, you may prefer a waterproof backpack for carrying all the exchange clothing. One may choose a crossbody bag on their trip to places like Disney, Universal and amusement, it looks good on photos and free our hands. So what makes a good travel purse, a purse that meets your need in your specific journey.

travel luggage bag Multifunction Layered Travel Bag Business Trip Luggage Bag Designed for Suit

This travel bag is designed for a business trip. Its foldable design makes it easy to store a suit and can help avoid wrinkles. One can store a pair of sneakers in the side secret shoe compartment. You can get rid of the stress from the job by changing a pair of comfortable shoes and have a slow walk along the street. Consist of completely waterproof material, soft leather handle and wide adjustable strap, you will feel comfortable wearing it on your shoulder.
$59.99 | Buy it now


5.Where to buy travel handbags?

Do you enjoy shopping in a physical store or online store? You can directly touch and try on a bag before purchasing with all the information in a physical shop. Shopping online saves your time, you can visit online stores at any time whether you are on a train or laying on your bed. There are plenty of travel bags in physical travel stores and sporting good stores, such as Decathlon. Online stores such as Amazon, Obangbag (travel collection) and Shopbop provide quality and designers’ bags from different bands.


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