Story Of The Bag | Classic oil wax ladies handbag

Design Inspiration

Designer Sophia fuses classic and vintage elements: the collision of colors, the direction of stiches, the combination of the current hot brown system and the simple commute package, which attaches the charm of urban light retro. The original purpose of the design was to liberate the office workers and design a large and compact handbag, so that OL would no longer have to carry a large and heavy commuter bag to work.

Design Analysis


The highlight of the bag is the contast color weaving wrapped around the hand-held design and the design of the hardware bar, which makes the overall more exquisite. The reinforcement of the thick lines is more three-dimensional, adding a beautiful landscape.


The bottom four sides of the oil wax leather are exquiste and erect, and the oil edges and sewing processes are very sophisticated. The whole bag is equipped with a small amount of metal parts, so it is lighter.

How to carry this bag?

It is equipped with a detachable and adjustable shoulder strap, metal buckles are fixed on both sides of the handle, and a sliding buckle design makes the shoulder strapfit closer to the body.

What can a bag hold?

The bag has three layers and two zip pockets on the side to prevent theft.
We put umbrellas, water glasses, pocket books, a box of cushion powder, an iPhone X phone, IPAD, a wallet, as well as notes, lip gloss and Airpods earphones. Girls can always put small things in the bag, and the bag The body is relatively stiff, and the full shape will not affect the package type.

Fashion Look

Video about the capacity


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