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Ready to hit the beach?

/ Post by Carolina Aranda

Summer is approaching, it is time for people who spend a lot of time in chaos city to release themselves. Beach is the best choice. Sun, sea… beach bag! For beach always go for looser and comfortable clothes. The perfect outfits to wear on beach: High-Waisted Shorts + Bikini Top + Visor + Beach Bag

 A cheerful beach bag is now an absolute must in your bag collection. A beach bag is a great practical bag to carry all your favourite beach gear. With the sun showering, all bad mood gone. And a functional and eye-catching beach bag packing all your needed stuff well,mood will lever up more.

1.What are beach Bags made of?

Beach bags are usually made from canvas, straw, polyester or nylon. While straw and canvas bags may be more traditional, polyester and nylon are becoming increasingly popular due to how easy they are to keep clean and their water resistance properties.


Ladies Summer Rattan Straw Beach Big Tote Bags

This tote is large enough for all your holiday essentials - designed in light, rattan straw with two strap with a beautiful butterfly scarf. The inside is lined with lightweight fabric. And It's especially good for a relaxing outing beach holiday with the best summer cooling atmosphere.Buy it now


Summer Wild Fashion Straw Rattan Braided Square Bucket Bag Party Bag Beach Bag Handbag for Ladies

The perfect summer bag for little essentials only. It is made from cane grass in a straw effect. The bag has chic circular woven handle.This handbag, which looks like a "mess tin", is the most selective, choosing simple and natural wicker weaving to make the body,handle and lining,and faux leather fix the ring buckle give a different vide.This bag cobble with a flower dress is simply the summer standard for sweet girls! Buy it now


2.What is in my Beach Bag?

Packing for the beach involves a bit of personal preference but here are some essentials you shouldn't forget: Sun cream,Sunglasses,Hat,Sun screen lip balm,Kindle or E-reader,Water bottle,Waterproof pouch,Power bank.


Summer Vacation Holiday Woven Bucket Shoulder Bag Beach Bag

Bucket bag as the perfect Summer staple. Fresh, light and versatile basket with a rather rustic feel and a market vibe, ideal for strolling around in style from the beach to the city. Pair with an adjustable secure  leather drawstring closure,it is really perfect to go beach or both go to picnic.And this one is foldable! If it is free you can just fold it and keep in your suitcase.  Buy it now


Ladies Fashion Mesh Straw Rattan Summer Mini Cute Small Beach Bag Handbag

If you're one of those people that oftren forget to pick up a bag on their way out of the house, a string bag is the ideal solution to help you change your ways.String bags are the ideal, ultra-compact, eco friendly reusable bag. Use them to carry baby gear, groceries, beach towels -- the list is endless. These bags roll up into a little bundle and can be tucked into your backpack or handbag so you've always got a bag handy when you need one. Buy it now


3.Why many women love to carry large beach bags?

Many women like to carry their favourite beach items with them to the beach or swimming pool. And those are quite a few! Think of a beach towel, bikini, sunscreen, sunglasses, keys, magazines, purse, mobile phone, bottle of water and a beach hat. This requires a large and practical bag which can carry mainly anything you would like to bring along.


Summer Large Capacity Woven Shoulder Bag

This beach bag can be brought easily with you on your holidays in your suitcase. You fold the beach bag and put it on top of your summer wardrobe in your bag or suitcase. You will see that you are happy that you eventually brought your beach bag with you to your holiday destination. This way you can appear fashionably on the beach without having to carry your items separately.Buy it now


4.What beach bag do you use that you loved on to beaches?

Bring what bag to beach is always the essential part for your holiday. Is it necessary to always carry a large bag? The answer is "No". There are perple love to use  carry a oversized beach bag for packing all needed stuff for family to be prepared for beach time.Big enough for towel, sunscreen, sunglasses, wallet, snacks, etc. yet not too big or heavy to tote around. And some people love to carry a mini bag for only packing some little beach essentials.


Summer Fashion Handmade Straw Rattan Beach Tote Bags

Although the tote bag looks plain, it is definitely a standard resort item—— wear-resistant and breathable fine woven, soft and light. A three-dimensional pattern adds a sense of design, especially for the prople who love to go beach vacation in a simple way.Packing all your family's beach essentials is available for this tote bag. Buy it now


Mini Women Summer Chic Straw Woven Shoulder Bag

This lightweight cross-body bag is great for storing little essentials during weekend adventures. The woven-rope exterior has an eye-catching faux pearl on it and a faux-leather strap makes it easy to carry. Buy it now


5.Where to buy?

Do you enjoy shopping in a physical store or online store? You can directly touch and try on a bag before purchasing with all the information in a physical shop. Shopping online saves your time, you can visit online stores at any time whether you are on a train or laying on your bed. There are plenty of travel bags in physical travel stores and sporting good stores, such as Decathlon. Online stores such as Amazon, Obangbag (beach bag collection) and Shopbop provide quality and designers’ bags from different bands.


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