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Multi Pockets Backpacks

/ Post by Carolina Aranda

Backpacks | Multi Pockets Backpacks

With the development of the economy, people are working and living in different ways. We have various needs for bags and we would like to choose particular bags to show our understanding of fashion. This blog is going to explore a little bit on backpacks with lots of pockets.


1) What are all the pockets in my backpack for?

 In the 13th century, people invented pockets to carry small useful items. As time passed, we can see pockets sewed on clothing and pockets attached to different kinds of bags. Nowadays, usually three types of pockets will appear on a backpack: a front pocket, two side pockets and 2-3 inner pockets which help organize the things we carried every day. 

 multi pocket backpack

 Ladies Wild Pockets Large Capacity Oil Wax Leather Backpack

This is a typical daily backpack with multi pockets made with oil wax leather. Aside from the basic pockets, there is another feature on this bag, an external back pocket, which allows you to put small but precious things or your public transport card. 
$43.99|Buy it now

 backpack with side pockets

 Ladies Outdoor With Lots Of Pockets Leather Backpack

Here we come another typical daily backpack. This vintage commuter-friendly backpack is made of soft waterproof leather with adjustable straps, two top handles and for sure lots of pockets. There are front pocket, two side pockets and one back pocket at the surface of this bag, and two inner split pockets inside the bag which helps organize all daily stuff.
$38.99 |Buy it now 


I search online and find people often put these stuff in their front pockets: Public Transport Smartcard, receipts, packaged snacks, keys, pocket tissues, lip balm, hand lotion, etc. Some may put their wallet in the front pocket as well for convenience, while others may concern about the security problem. Side pockets are well known as water bottle holders. Besides, people will also put away their umbrella, pack tissues or receipts in their side pockets. For inner pockets, distributions are diverse for individuals with different habits and needs. 


2) What are the different types of pockets?

 Remembered what you consider most when you are choosing a backpack. The style (cool, vintage, cute, etc) of the bag, or the functions of the pockets that cost most of your time while making a choice. There are so many types of pockets: pocket for laptop, kangaroo pocket, outer top pocket, inner top pocket, lunch compartment, bottom compartment (usually for carrying a pair of sneakers), front pocket, back pocket, etc. What’s more, have you ever worn pants with fake pockets? If yes, then another type of pockets is the element of design. Overall, pockets will make your items more meaningful.

 backpack with pockets

Multifunction Pockets Backpack With Adjustable Strap USB Charging

As we can see from the picture, there are three ways to carry this bag. Apart from this feature, this bag has a USB charging port! Imagined when you are traveling aboard and want to save all the beautiful memory by taking lots of photos, however, your battery level is less than 10%. In addition to this, you can put everything you need in this backpack without a mess, as lots of pockets are designed in this bag. In addition to what you can see from the outside, there is also an internal pocket with zipper inside which you can put the precious things, such as pad and wallet.
Nice price at $29.99 |Buy it now 

cute backpacks with lots of pockets

Multi Pockets Retro Oil Wax Leather Vintage Backpack Shoulder Bag

A Vintage backpack with 8 pockets. Hot sale item among college students and commuters. Stylish for scenes, unisex as well. The feature of the bag is, for all the external pockets, there are zippers. It is safe enough and large enough for all your daily necessities. This bag is also available in black. 
$39.99 |Buy it now


3) How to carry water bottles in a backpack?

When I was a freshman in my uni, I usually carry a tote bag to school. Once I didn’t screw my bottle tight before putting in my bag. My bag was drenched with water, luckily I didn’t put any beverage in on that day. So I started shopping for a backpack with side pockets and breathable straps. These two parts help if you are used to bring your water and heavy textbook to the classroom. Side pocket is a friend of the water bottle.

side pockets

Large Capacity Pockets Lightweight Dual-Use Folding Backpack

There are two ways to carry this bag, as shown in the picture. The material of this bag is light, however not need to be worried, it can even carry a pail of water. This bag is consists of a breathable shoulder strap, big enough bottle storage side pocket, basic hand strap and double-sided zipper. If you are looking for a light but useful bag, this could be a good choice.
$19.99|Buy it now


4) Why people hesitate to take meal to workplace? How do you pack lunch in a backpack?

If a meal outside will cost you 10 bucks, people who take meals to the workplace can save around 200 bucks every month. But why people hesitate to do it? One of the reasons may be you have to carry a lunch box or an extra lunch bag. The other reason can be, when we are carrying just one bag, the smell or the sauce will accidentally go out and ruin the files and clothing in the bag. Then a backpack with lunch compartment is needed.


backpack with lunch compartment

Waterproof Multi Lunch Box Pockets Usb Charging Backpack

The design of this lunch backpack departs the wet and dry compartment naturally. One no need to worry about leaking lunch box anymore. The existence of the bottom part will not affect the capacity of this backpack. There are also storage pockets for pens, small notebooks and cards designed inside the backpack. Simple but stylish and functional enough for commuters and students.

$79.99|Buy it now

5) What to pack where?

To some extent, the function and original design of the bag will determine what to pack where. If you are planning a hiking trip and have to carry a large functional multi-pocket backpack, you may be surprised by how the backpack is designed and will just realize how all the features on the bag work.

Unisex Solid Leather Vintage Muti-Pocket Backpack

The design of this bag not only consider organization but also the sense of fashion, with eye-catching lock hook and string design. It looks nice on its every side. There is a large secret pocket with zipper at the back of this backpack and two side pockets with reasonable size. When you are traveling, it is so convenient to put your passport in this zipped side pocket. Besides. the front detail of this backpack can help you well organize your daily used items, such as the coin pockets, two split pockets and a wide zipped pocket.
$37.00|Buy it now


6) What backpacks have the most pockets?

If to rank what backpacks have the most pockets, I believe many of us will say it should be the bags for adventures and backpacking. Here is another type of bag, mummy backpack, with lots of pockets and functional features. 

lots of pockets

Mummy USB Charging Multi Pockets Baby Outdoor Backpack

A highlight of this waterproof mummy backpack is its breathable wide strap and practical straps design. These straps allow parents to fix this bag on a chair, luggage or attached it on a baby carriage. By unzipping the large front pocket, this backpack can be turned into a comfortable seat with cushion for baby. What’s more, the velcro pocket at the front is convenient for mothers when they are in a hurry for something. Despite the four pockets outside, there are a waterproof zipper pocket and split pocket inside, which allow the mother to separate the wet and dry clothes. You won’t find a useless part of this backpack.
$43.99|Buy it now


More multi pockets backpacks are available in backpack collection now!



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