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Know more about tote bags

/ Post by Carolina Aranda

When is your first tote bag? Most of us start to use a tote bag when we are 18,when we are beginning to enter the society. With large capacity, a tote bag is as practical as a backpack, besides it makes you look smart casual and business casual in daily life.

1) What's tote bag? What is tote bag used for?

Tote bag is simply designed as a large bag without a zipper and with parallel long handles on each side of the bag. People usually carry a tote bag on one side of their shoulders or just by hands. Although the structure of the tote bag is simple and straightforward, it is very useful in our daily. Tote bag is almost a must-have item for us. People use tote bags in different ways according to their needs. A housewife can use it for grocery shopping while a college student can use it to carry textbooks. A fitness enthusiast can use it to carry a gym suit and water bottle while a commuter can put cloth, laptop and files in. Overall, we can put all kinds of stuff in as long as we love to. It could be a useful item for teachers, for people who go to work and people who love to spend their weekend on the beach as well.

woven tote bag

Summer Large Capacity Woven Shoulder Bag

A very refreshing bag which is a good illustration of less is more. The size of this bag is reasonable for all the daily necessities, like a folding umbrella, long wallet, cosmetics and other small things.

The inside is lined with cotton, and as well as a clamp and a zipper pocket. Feels like the weekend is coming and I was on my way to have brunch with my friends. It is truly recommended for an outing or photo shooting.
$19.99|Buy it now


Tote bag girl

2) How popular are tote bags?

The wide range use of tote bags has made itself a fashion darling nowadays. Almost every brand has launched its tote bag. Which brand will come up to your mind when we talk about a classic tote bag? Mansur Gavriel, Balenciaga, Bao Bao Issey Miyake, Goyard Saint Louis, Gucci, Louis Vuitton Neverfull or Givenchy. Moreover, many companies choose to give their clients or potential clients a promotional tote bag with their slogan or advertisement printed on instead of just a leaflet. The reason is tote bag is useful in life. Most of the clients will throw the leaflets in the bin after a glance, but most of us will keep the promotional tote bag and use it later on the street. When people carry the promotional tote bag, the advertisement shown on the bag will impress the people around again. It is quite a clever way to promote. 

 rainbow tote bag

Women Rainbow Color Straw Woven Beach Large Tote Bag

Wanna find an eye-catching bag in summer and have energetic photos shooting? This can be one of a choice. The rainbow color made this woven tote bag stands out from normal. There is a side inner pocket that can help organize all the stuff. The design of the leather straps increase the durability of the handles and will not twist together when you drop the bag down.
$26.99|Buy it now



3) How many tote bags do you need? How much do tote bags cost?

Tote bags are available in diverse materials and different sizes. You will need a large size tote bag for school, sport, beach, etc. If you are a mother and need to carry lots of necessities for your children, a big size tote bag is also needed. These days, medium size tote bags are popular as well. The usual size of a medium tote bags is 15"W x 12"H x 5.5"D. A medium size tote bag allows us to carry the daily necessities, but not too large stuff. Like students who need to carry a notebook, pencil case, snacks, etc. Small size tote bag is suited for a girl who is about to go shopping, she may need to carry a lipstick, pressed powder, phone, card wallet and pack tissue. A small size tote bag is more functional than a mini crossbody bag and looks more casual than a big tote bag.

 Lightweight handbag

Stylish Lightweight Multi Story Large Capacity Shoulder Bag Handbag

The inner structure of this waterproof small size tote bag is of good design. There are pockets for passport and pens, two zipped side pockets and an elastic bottle holder inside the bag. The handles of this bag are soft, so it is comfortable to carry it on your wrist. This bag could be handy before a sudden go out. Four colors are available for this bag: khaki, green, red and blue.
$21.99|Buy it now


In addition to sizes, tote bags are made of different materials, which can bring us different weights and different feelings. One may need at least 4-5 tote bags in life. Half made from the choice of size and half made from the choice of material. For example, a big size tote bag, a medium size tote bag, a leather tote bag, a cotton tote bag, and a canvas tote bag. According to the size and material, the range of price can vary from 20 bucks to 2000 bucks.

teacher tote bag

Vintage Large Capacity Work Teacher Leather Tote Bag Shoulder Bag

The size of this vintage tote bag is L 35.5*W 14*H 30 cm, which is a good fit for teachers, students and business ladies who will have to carry files, books and laptops. The outer straps and rivets are the eye-catching part of this bag. Take it and be a chic girl on the street! 
$29.99|Buy it now


4) How much does a tote bag weigh? How big are tote bags?

The weight of a tote bag is decided by its size and the material. The lightest tote bag is made of canvas and cotton, usually between 6 oz to 12 oz. The relative heavy tote bag is made of denim fabric and leather, usually between 25 oz to 40 oz. The size of an oversized tote bag is usually 48*33*15cm. For a large tote bag, the size is usually 45*30*15cm. The common size of a medium tote bag is 38*30*13.9cm. The size of a small tote bag is 30*29*11.4cm. 

 Medium size tote bag

Simple Work Leather Tote Bags 

The size of this bag is L24*W12*H29cm. A soft leather tote bag with vintage and elegance design. The fashionable plaid makes it stand out from normal. It can be carried by hands or worn across the body. The leather is scratch-resistant and glossy, suitable as a daily bag, business bag and school bags. Simple and stylish.
$36.99|Buy it now

cotton tote bag

 5) How to store tote bags? Where to store tote bags?

There are three ways to store tote bags. The first way is designed for cotton and canvas tote bags. Fold it into a smaller rectangle, then organize all the folded tote bags in a drawer, cabinet or a big bag. The second way is for leather bags. Fill the tote bag with some papers, bubble wrap or cloth to retain its shape, then put it in the closet. The simplest third way is to buy a standing bag rack and hang all the tote bags on.

teacher tote bag

Large Capacity Casual School Teacher Canvas Tote Bags

The inner structure of this bag has three main compartments. The middle compartment contains smooth zippers. You can organize your papers or clothes easily in this middle compartment. The body of this bag can be washed by water, soft and environmentally friendly. Canvas bags can be folded easily which is convenient for storage. Sturdy leather straps are added to enrich the style of the bag and make you feel more comfortable while carrying. 
$29.99|Buy it now


 6) How sustainable are tote bags?

It is always better to bring your own tote bag to the supermarket. It can save money on buying a new plastic bag and it is environmentally friendly. A cotton tote bag is reusable as it can be washed when it is dirty. Not only for cotton tote bags, leather tote bags are always classic and never out of fashion. A tote bag can be carried on any occasion, so it is worth buying. 

canvas tote bag

Women Casual Work School Large Denim Cloth Tote Bags

Denim is a never out of date fashion element. The design of this bag is simple but not boring. The contrast of blue cloth and yellow leather is pretty classic, which is a good match for any casual looks. The smooth zipper on the top ensures the security of this bag, and the inner structure is reasonable for the organization as well.
$32.99|Buy it now


 7) What is tote bag material?

A tote bag is designed as a top opening bag that can carry all the stuff. We can see tote bag made of various materials. The commonest material is cotton, canvas, cloth, paper, woven fabric and leather. It is better to carry a leather tote bag if you are going to work or prepare to dress formally. Woven fabric tote bag, cloth tote bag and clear tote bag is a popular item for the beach. For daily grocery shopping, cotton and canvas tote bag or paper tote bag are the best. They are big but light enough for us to carry. 

 teacher tote bag

Retro Large Capacity Work Teacher Tote Bag for Ladies

A simple and handsome tote bag with a comfortable round handle design. There are rivets underneath the bag that can protect the bottom and allow the corners of the bag to be more resistant. There is a zipper on the top of the middle compartment while there are magnets on the side compartments. The design of the bag consider both security and convenience for your need. Four colors are available: brown, black, blue and pink.
$39.99|Buy it now


For more choices, have a look at our tote bags collection!


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