OBANGBAG summary 4 major trends in the second half of 2019

2019 has passed more than half, What clothes did you wear in the first half of the year? What can give you new surprises in the second half of the year? New trends, it is necessary to understand.


The general trend in the second half of the year, In summary, we can see several different genres. StellaMcCartney has a "vegetarian style" of fire, Taking environmentally friendly fabrics and new materials as the main popular points; The glittering and light fabrics still account for half of the country; And some of the old-fashioned fashion houses stick to the classic elements of heritage.
However, these trends seem to be far from daily life. What we need is a practical taste in fashion. Low-key is an element of high-class luxury. Now recommend several practical and beautiful items for everyone. In the hot summer, I have a fall and winter addiction.

Little girl knit cardigan


Many of Bella Hadid’s recent street shoots are wearing knitwear. High-waist tight-fitting sweater with shark hairpin and rolled up hair She looked gentle and extravagant in 1996. I call this style "housewife style".
But Yanya also has a very strong girly feeling. Combining the retro elements of the resurgence of the past few years, I really feel that the fashion circle has to pick up a "housewife" aesthetic.
In addition, you should also know: Basic knit cardigan, It is also a representative item of French style.
You can wear it out of a romantic and casual feeling. Especially thick rods oversized short, With a dress, it's not as restrictive as the basic one. It looks more like a fashionable woman with an idea.
Longer money is more popular, Loose, long straight cardigan with a straight line, The body lines seem to have been trimmed. The softness of the cardigan also makes people look more reserved. Even if it is a little revealing, it is also elegant and decent.

Rich girl dress


Recalling the emotions of the past makes the court wind come back. Whether it's a dress, a shirt or an accessory, You can find a touch of grand and grand and gorgeous elements. In the dress, the most popular one is the "doll skirt". The version is loose, the A-shaped "Doll Dress", Visually quite age-reducing, it can cover the meat well. (but not suitable for people who are overweight and have too much skeleton)

The court style of the Chanel show, It is reflected in layers of cake skirts. Combining the classic plaid elements, There is a little more introverted and dignified feeling.
Gucci’s spring ready-to-wear poster, It is also the court style of walking. The sleek, fungus is embellished in a creamy white dress.
Raffle collar, lamb leg sleeves, lace, tulle... Stacked and flipped romantic materials and exquisite craftsmanship, Together, they have created a cumbersome and gorgeous palace fashion. You can wear it out in your daily life. a light tulle pleated skirt, Delicate and subtle, dotted on the ruffle of the skirt. Can let yourself temporarily forget the rough of real life, Cross the gorgeous time and space that requires people to wait for their living.
If you feel that the palace style dress is still not good to wear, Then choose a court shirt that is relatively well controlled. Spend more on the material and details, Light silk, puff sleeves, lace, They are all indispensable elements of the palace wind.

Women's suit

Ms. Chanel’s forward-looking vision, Let us know very early that the world will have a power to belong to women. They can wear trousers, ankle boots, and a handsome hat. Contribute a value and make a woman's unique energy.
Combined with the retro-powered Power shoulder, As well as an oversized silhouette with some tide cards with fire. The suit has long been the stereotypical image of the year. Last year, big suits were especially popular. But fashion changes are eliminated, We found this year's popular suit, In the sense of power, A suit with an iconic feminine element. Fendi 2019 autumn and winter high-definition series, Add a cool suit to the sweet lantern sleeves.
There are also many brands that offer straps and stitching elements. The neutral wind is weakened, but the sense of power is not reduced. Wear also pay attention to the relationship between elegant and cool and serious. The neat suits are usually paired with exquisite high heels. The earrings and the look on the face are not sloppy. Such a female image has become increasingly popular.

Retro check

The trend is coming and going, The grammatical element is always the same. The extravagant character is the houndstooth, the fresh meal, Simple black and white large square, ethnic style Scottish plaid.
The fate of the plaid seems to be destined to be in the fashion circle. From spring to winter, you can always see the shadow of the plaid. The best-looking plaid in the second half of this year, Must be the plaid of Chanel 2019 autumn and winter show. The eye-catching houndstooth coat is coming in the snowy world. For the autumn and winter that has not yet arrived, it has created a most beautiful fantasy.
no doubt, The most eye-catching items on the fashion street in the second half of this year are still checkered suits.


More than half of the year has passed. The clothes have added a lot of pieces, the steps have not stopped, and the things in front of them are still familiar. In the second half of the year, I hope to buy a few more favorite clothes, and I will eliminate a few wish lists. Of course, the most hope is that the autumn will come soon, the summer clothes have been worn. I don't know if you have this feeling.


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