OBAGN BAG Fashion Trends 01 | 2019/20 Autumn and Winter Women's Bag Trend Analysis: Top 5 Popular Points


The 2019/20 autumn and winter women's bag trend analysis course has been over for a while.  We now review and summarize the top 5 popular points that are most worthy of attention and share them with everyone.

The core trend of bag fashion trends in this season, we summarize the theme of the theme: the future awakening. In the state of muddy chaos, it seems that there are always things that block the line of sight, only breakthroughs, and the discovery of the future, can get a glimmer of life. There are classic precipitation and frustration experience, but don't let these become your resistance to the future. Correct understanding of the past, now awakening, and then to the future.

2019/20 autumn and winter women's bag trend analysis

Future awakening


Twilight reproduction

The twilight reappearance is actually an interpretation of the glossy material. In fact, in the spring and summer of 2019, we analyzed this trend. However, in the spring and summer seasons, the transparent material of the same glossy material is very strong, and the popular light has covered other materials. In the fall and winter, the transparent material disappeared. The lacquer and oil skin became a striking material in the luster material in the autumn and winter of 2019.



Old flower new use

Classic aging fabrics are a lingering memory point for every brand. There must be a classic and even a little sense of age, but it can not be changed. How to play new patterns on the old flower fabrics, so that more young people also like the old flower fabrics, has become a new topic for brand research. Superimposing on the fabric with different new techniques is a very easy way to get results.




Mechanical hardware

In the future, the sense of science and technology is reflected in the electronic reverse, and this trend can also be reflected in mechanical parts. The use of hardware on the bag, through the mechanized design, not only the surface lines become tough, but also the function of opening and closing has been mechanized and clever design.


Again later


This is a very interesting trend in the continuation of the leading edge, we can also call it: turn over the old account. Now many brands are starting to look for elements from their own past, and even look for bags directly. Even in the early spring of prada 2020, the bowling bag was launched 20 years ago. This kind of operation is much simpler than developing a new style, but it takes strategy and courage to return to yourself. What's more, these big brands do have a lot of classic it models, which can be used. Although it has been flooding for several years or even decades, it has disappeared. But now many emerging consumers are likely to return.


Both horizontal and vertical

This trend is a new trend in the autumn and winter of 2019/20. The function of the bag began to change a lot. It looks like a normal cross-body bag, and suddenly it can stand up and change shape. It’s just amazing!


The five popular points of the 2019/20 autumn and winter women's bag trend analysis are introduced here, hoping to bring you some help.


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