I Paid Attention to 10,000 Photos Of INS And Learned The Techniques Of Photography That Are Often Used In Several Internet celebrity!

In the next two months, we will have a summer vacation. I believe you are making a travel plan!

So how do you make your "INS" grow your fans and make more people like it during the holidays?


For this reason, OBANGBAG has compiled several photographic techniques commonly used by INS Internet celebrity from 10,000 INS photos.

Shoot back

The way the back is shot is the most common way to see it on the INS. This choice not only effectively avoids the lens, but also tends to shoot very artistically.

Shoot back


Of course, don't just stand in silly. You can also hold a hat and a skirt, or you can do it a little bit sideways. If you add some local elements, you can play a lot of pictures in the back!


- People take a little less, and the spots are bigger. -

The most important thing about traveling is to leave the scenery in the photo. Sometimes your existence is just a commemoration. The person shoots a little smaller. The composition of the attraction is a little bigger. This composition is too good, and the temperament can rise by a level. So, don't always be obsessed with making yourself beautiful.

People take a little less, and the spots are bigger.

People take a little less, and the spots are bigger.

Instead, I try to integrate myself into the environment and take myself as part of the beauty. The photos are naturally beautiful!


- Center Composition -

Put the subject you want to shoot in the middle of the picture, and all the angles of view are focused on this central object, which is the center composition. However, it should be noted that the scenery next to it should not be too fancy, and a single color can make you the most eye-catching existence! It should be noted that the main body does not occupy too much proportion of the picture.

Center Composition

There is usually one-half to one-third of the gap on the side, otherwise the subject is too prominent, giving a sense of oppression and less travel.


- Square composition -

Square photos are also a feature of INS wind photos and my favorite way. With the friends who love crazy mobile phones, you can directly select the square, so the picture is more literary. Plus a less exaggerated filter effect would be better.

Square composition-obangbag

We have a few other tips that we have summarized, and we will continue to share them on our next blog. . .

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If you have these INS wind photography skills, are you afraid that taking pictures in travel is not good? However, the most important thing about travel is to have fun~ Don't put the photo in the first place, it will lose a lot of fun!


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