I Paid Attention to 10,000 Photos Of INS And Learned The Techniques Of Photography That Are Often Used In Several Internet celebrity!(2)

In the next two months, we will have a summer vacation. I believe you are making a travel plan!

So how do you make your "INS" grow your fans and make more people like it during the holidays?Ho'li'da'y Beach

- Leave blank -

After all, a comfortable photo is about composition. A large area of ​​white space can give people a clean or vast feeling. It is also a simple technique to keep the picture simple and prominent.

- Leave blank -


- Standing on the heights -

The view from the top of the world is high, the top of nature, the highest level of sightseeing elevators in the city, are good choices. You can shoot the blue sky and the blue sky, and you can also shoot the nighttime traffic and the lights are shining.

WOMEN  Standing on the heights OBANGBAG

- Iconic action -

If you want your travel photos to be more eye-catching, you can think of an iconic action. The most typical case is the famous "follow me to" series.

 Iconic action

 Iconic action-OBANGBAG

- Use props -

One of the best ways to take a photo is to use the props, and the best item is your handbag.A stylish handbag with a beautiful look and beautiful environment is one of the best INS photo shooting skills.

Grass woven bag

Grass woven bag

This year's grass woven bag will continue to be a popular collocation item in the summer. You can look at the INS pictures of many online celebrities. Many famous brands and ZARA have also launched a lot of grass woven bag styles.OBANGBAG offers a total of more straw styles to choose from, allowing you to quickly become the focus of the INS.


OBANGBAG straw bag

If you have these INS wind photography skills, are you afraid that taking pictures in travel is not good? However, the most important thing about travel is to have fun~ Don't put the photo in the first place, it will lose a lot of fun!

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