Google Trends: What is the best Mother's Day gift in 2019?

May 12 is Mother's Day of 2019,When the holiday arrives, you must prepare a gift for your mother.

However, what kind of gift is best for you? What is your mother most like? It is   different products will appear in your head.However, you don't confirm whether your mother likes it or feels that it is not new and can't make a surprise.

In fact, OBANGBAG has the same problem.

In order to find the best gift, we used Google Trends to do an analysis.This year's Mother's Day is on May 12.Everyone must remember the time, don't miss the date to give gifts.

In Google Trends, enter Mother's Day

mothers day Search trends have been growing in the past 30 days worldwide,In the 90 days of the world, the search volume of March 21-4.1 is outstanding.And in Google Trends, the most popular Mother's Day keywords, we found it to be a "gift".There are also "flowers" and "greeting cards".There are also included, jewelry, DIY, necklaces, crafts, brunch, bags, etc.

And everyone is searching for keywords, this is the question "best mothers day gifts 2019"

We found that the most popular are necklaces, chocolates, flowers, tea, gift baskets, mugs and bags.We type in Google search“best mothers day gifts 2019.”Showing 2,750,000,000 items,There are various promotions and articles to tell you that the best 99, the best 8 and the best 51 are recommended.

In this way, everyone agrees that the best gift, the following points are sorted.

  • Greeting card
  • A simple and exquisite greeting card can give your mother a wonderful blessing
  • Bouquet of flowers
  • A simple bouquet of flowers or dried flowers, and a greeting card is the perfect match.
  • Gift basket
  • There is also an indispensable gift basket that can hold all kinds of sweets and chocolates you buy, a variety of delicious foods, and of course must be the food your mother or wife likes.
  • The above gifts are the most traditional gifts. If you are in good financial condition, you can send her a nice jewelry, necklace or bracelet ring.
  • Also, send her a nice Handbag
  • Because Mother's Day, including them, your mother, mother-in-law, wife, and daughter.
  • In a happy brunch, eating sweet food and giving gifts to your loved ones is the best scene, but you can't give everyone the same gift, so it's best to have a list of gifts. Various gifts.

You may consider whether the gift is too much to consume, so that your financial situation generates a lot of expenses, and the problem of increased credit card consumption.


OBANGBAG  recommendation for you is that you can DIY a greeting card yourself first.Go to the mall and buy some of your favorite candy chocolates, or flowers, and put them together with your DIY greeting card, and finally use the coupon to buy some bags. This will reduce your financial consumption a lot.


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Congratulations to mothers around the world

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