Best Summer Straw Tote Bags of 2019

Considering to add a few summer straw tote bags to your capsule wardrobe collection? Whether you are planning a beach vacation or music festival desert road trip, here are the best summer straw tote bags that every woman must have in her closet.
Because it is fragile and can lose its shape after multiple wears, it’s not easy to find the perfect straw bag for your wardrobe. These straw tote bags are high-quality and last long, therefore they will keep your wallet happy.

Add the best summer straw tote bag that easily go well with . Before shopping, make a checklist to determine what kind of bag style and color you need for your closet collection.
When it comes to building outfits each day, straw tote bags are a great handbag and a versatile piece to carry anytime. With the right straw tote bags, you’ll know exactly all year round using capsule wardrobe essentials.
How to choose a straw tote bag for your body type?
Most straw tote bags have similar colors and textures. However, the main difference is size and silhouette. There are a few factors that determine what bag style looks good on your body type.
Here are styling tips for exactly how to choose a straw tote bag for your body type.
Pear shape: Try a medium sized bag with bright and colorful details. In addition, consider embellishments around the handle or on the bag to distract focus away from wide hips.
Apple shape: Avoid tiny and mini sized bags with short handles. Go with straw tote bags that feature longer handles to carry over the arm.
Athletic shape: If you have an athletic or angular body shape, pick opposite silhouettes such as round, half-moon, or circular straw tote bags to provide balance.It’s important to choose the best summer straw tote bags that look good with your body type and also go well with your capsule wardrobe collection. Take time to review each handbag so that you make a smart choice.

 Summer Straw Tote Bags 
  • If you are planning to build a bag collection to improve your wardrobe style, then also add summer straw tote bags to your closet. They are a classic and casual piece that can easily upgrade your outfit for any occasion.
  • From mini to half-moon silhouette, take time to find the best straw bags that you can imagine carrying all the time. Use the shopping tips to save you time when looking for the best straw tote bag for your body type.


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